Frequently Asked Questions
How do I properly clean and care for AIREX mats?

Dirty mats are cleaned with a soft brush and lukewarm, soapy water or a solution with household detergent (dish detergent).

Gasoline and conventional spot removers must not be used for cleaning under any circumstances.

For detailed information please consult our full care instructions.

> Care instructions for mats

Can I wash AIREX mats in the washing machine?

While washing by machine is possible it is not recommended for practical reasons. If it is unavoidable at the very least a gentle cycle should be selected with a maximum temperature of 40°C. Conventional laundry detergents may be used for this purpose.

For detailed information please consult our full care instructions.

> Care instructions for mats

How do I properly clean and care for AIREX Balance products?

For all types of dirt the preferred cleaning method is to use a soft brush and lukewarm water with detergent. Spots and similar contamination must not be treated with gasoline or spot remover.

For detailed information please consult our full care instructions.

> Care instructions for Balance products

What is the best way to store AIREX mats?

Individual mats can be readily stored after being rolled up and secured with the straps available for this purpose. For several mats at once draping over a mat stand or storing flat is ideal. If they are not going to be used for longer periods of time mats are preferably stored by stacking them in an unheated dry room.

What is the best way to store AIREX Balance products?

AIREX® Balance products are best stored lying flat. To avoid pressure marks do not leave objects resting on the material for extended periods of time. Continuous pressure loads for more than approximately 12 hours should be avoided. Bending in storage (e.g. over a clothesline) leaves visible pressure marks where the material does not fully reform. Ongoing storage in water and extended exposure to direct sunlight reduce the lifespan of the products since the surface may become brittle and the material stiff over time.

Production / Composition / Safety?

All AIREX ®products are manufactured in Switzerland according to the highest production standards. The harmlessness of the production processes as well as the chosen substances of content is verified prior to use.

Our gymnastics mats contain neither latex nor phthalate softeners and are also approved as medical devices.

The related declaration of conformity is found here:

> Declaration of conformity for Balance products

> Declaration of conformity for mats

> Declaration of conformity for Titania / Diana

Why are the sizes specified only as “approximately”?

All AIREX® mats are foamed free-form. That means they are not produced in moulds. This production method is comparable to baking bread.

This is why the results are influenced somewhat by the ambient conditions (temperature, barometric pressure, etc.) so that the length, width and thickness of the products will always vary slightly.

Why are the well-known horizontal stripes on the AIREX mats not exactly parallel to the edge of the mat?

To avoid break points or weaknesses in AIREX® material our developers have resorted to a little trick. The rollers that emboss the grooves, logos and additional information on the mats during the production process are not aligned exactly above one another in parallel. A slight x-shaped arrangement prevents that the grooves are embossed exactly opposite each other. This ensures that the material is never too thin at any point and does not compromise the known durability and robustness of AIREX® mats.

The wider the mat the sooner you can recognize the slight shift in the grooves relative to the edge of the mat. This is by no means a production error but ensures the quality of the mat.

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