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AIREX Gymnastics equipment for home

AIREX is a name synonymous with quality and durable home gymnastics equipment, with a tradition going back over half a century. When you think of gymnastics equipment for home, you immediately think of AIREX fitness mats and balance exercise equipment. AIREX AG has been using its unique, hi-tech, anti-bacterial, closed-cell foam technology to manufacture home fitness equipment since 1960, and has become the global market leader for gymnastics mats, offering its comprehensive range of AIREX fitness mats, AIREX balance-pad and the AIREX balance-pad elite.


Home gymnastics equipment

AIREX gymnastics equipment for home comprises a comprehensive range of versatile products available in a variety of sizes and colours to suit your requirements for awesome home fitness equipment. AIREX gymnastic mats and high-quality balance-pads come in a variety of specifications, making them ideal for yoga, gymnastics, Pilates, home training and much more. Their size and color options make them the perfect choice for both gymnastics equipment for home and for large classes at fitness centers, as well as for rehabilitation and physiotherapy. They also offer excellent buoyancy, so are superb for hydrotherapy.


AIREX – Quality product, quality of life

AIREX home gymnastics equipment features closed-cell foam technology, which offers excellent cushioning, shock absorption, optimal hygiene and robust longevity. We are all becoming more aware of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise. By investing in AIREX gymnastics equipment for home , you are also making an investment in your physical fitness, physical and mental agility, and as such, improving your quality of life. Its extreme durability also means that your AIREX gymnastics equipment for home will last a lifetime. AIREX Corona and AIREX Coronella mats are our bestsellers for good reason. AIREX home fitness equipment meets or exceeds all existing quality standards. Due to its durability and hi-tech cushioning, AIREX home fitness equipment has become the No.1 choice for fitness trainers and physiotherapists in over 60 countries worldwide.


AIREX service

In addition to its first-class products, AIREX AG also provides a first-class service. Purchase AIREX products direct from the manufacturer to ensure that you get the right AIREX gymnastics equipment for home to suit your needs. The AIREX online shop provides detailed product information and the website offers access to a newsletter and video links with training exercises. For extra peace of mind, the warranty for your AIREX home gymnastics equipment can even be extended to 5 years, at no extra cost!


AIREX gymnastics equipment for home is unique

The hi-tech closed cell foam technology of AIREX gymnastic equipment for home ensures that they are extremely robust as well as water-, dirt- and perspiration-repellent. Each product is manufactured at a specific pressure and temperature, without the use of moulds, making it totally unique. AIREX home fitness equipment will withstand the rigors of a heavy training session again and again.


AIREX home gymnastics equipment cares for the environment

As the name suggests, in order to provide excellent cushioning and shock absorption properties, AIREX gymnastic equipment for home contains air (90-95% air, to be precise). This means that their manufacture requires very low raw material consumption, and also that the finished AIREX® products weigh very little. This is great for you and the environment, as there is less shipping cost involved in getting your AIREX home gymnastics equipment to your home!


AIREX home fitness equipment offers variety

Whether you are a regular gym bunny, or prefer to do your workout at home, there is an AIREX home fitness product that is perfectly tailored for your requirements, whether it’s yoga, Pilates or fitness-training. AIREX mats and balance-pads are even available in different colors to suit your home gym or workout gear. A range of size options allows you to choose the right AIREX home gymnastics equipment for your application: from home gyms to classes or physiotherapist practices for rehabilitation or hydrotherapy.

Home fitness equipment

AIREX is hygienic. AIREX home fitness equipment features a special anti-bacterial treatment, which prevents growth and multiplication of bacteria and fungi. This treatment also makes AIREX home fitness equipment easy to clean and maintain with just mild detergent and water, thereby ensuring a long and reliable lifespan.


AIREX – Safe, certified and good for you!

We all know the benefits of exercise on the mind and body, but it is also important to make sure that your chosen home fitness equipment is safe. AIREX mats and balance-pads are free from harmful products, so are suitable for use by everyone, even infants. AIREX gymnastics equipment for home has gained the seal of approval of both the AGR (Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V. – Back-health promotion organization) and the BdR (Bundesverband deutscher Rückenschulen (BdR) e.V. – Federal Association of German Back Therapy Training). It also meets the requirements of the Medical Device Directive CE 93/42 EEC. Rest assured, your AIREX gymnastics equipment for home will help you to enjoy a more active, healthy lifestyle for many years to come.


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Or 50 x 41 x 6 cm
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