Schools & Associations

School and club sports cover the widest range of applications and make the highest demands. School and club sports such as gymnastics or martial arts require mats with a maximum level of performance.

AIREX® products are suitable for all age groups and exercise requirements. They play just as important a role in school and club sports as they do in women's gymnastics. The multifunctional use of mats and balance pads is of inestimable value for kindergartens and play groups. They can be used for playing around or resting - either indoors, outdoors, or in the water.

The robust AIREX® mats and balance pads products make a valuable contribution to training, sports and games. The superior cushioning properties of the AIREX® products ensure softness and a secure hold. The AIREX® tear-resistant, film-reinforced Titania and Diana gymnastics mats can withstand high loads both indoors and outdoors.