• $129.99

Yoga and fitness enthusiasts, prepare to have your heart skip a beat with the Airex Heartbeat Mat. Carefully crafted with the expertise of Jana Spring and Young-Ho Kim, this mat represents a union of tradition and evolution, artfully merging the tranquility of Inside Flow Yoga with the dynamic energy of the FunTone-concept. This harmonious blend is crafted for those who appreciate the substance in their training regimens and are aiming for a deeper connection. Rise above the ordinary with a mat that stands out. Elegant design paired with unmatched functionality, the Airex Heartbeat promises an inspiring, grippy, and non-slip surface, perfect for both yoga and functional workouts. Experience a soft, warm touch with ultimate insulation that also maintains a robust structure. The mat's high-quality recycled PU and natural rubber blend guarantee longevity and consistent performance. With the Airex Heartbeat, your safety and comfort are never compromised - a mat that stays put, lies flat, and offers a remarkable gripping experience with its well-crafted rounded edge, ensuring you stay centered even in the most challenging poses. Choose from Anthracite, Olive, and Pink to reflect the color that you enjoy the most. Feel the Heartbeat with the Airex Heartbeat Exercise Mat! 72" x 24" x 0.16"

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