• $287.49

This mat is 79" x 39" with a thickness of 1" and a right-angled cut was originally developed as an insert mat for the classic Bobath table. Today the AIREX® Hercules is used in many different areas of application where even more comfort is desired, either as a single mat or joined to form larger areas. As a result, there are no limits to the diversity of therapeutic individual or group exercises. Its high buoyancy makes it a favoured mat of therapists and patients in hydrotherapy.


Three tips for your AIREX® products

1. Use the products barefoot or in socks (no sneakers)

2. If your products get dirty, clean them with ordinary soapy water. Disinfection is not going to be necessary thanks to integrated Sanitized protection!

3. Let the AIREX® products air dry thoroughly if they get wet (they can also be used outdoors)

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