Titania 200

  • $620.00

Exercise Mats from Airex are defined by their durable versatility. This Airex Titania Exercise Mat is also defined by its sheer size, as it's one the largest mats in the product range. Built for long-term use, the Titania is a must-have for school and club sports. Comfortable and non-slip, it is made from closed-cell foam with an "integrally molded skin" for  extra toughness. The Titania is so comfortable, users find the soft and cushioned support ideal for floor and mat-based workouts. A special coating is provided to protect the mat foam sustainably, even after frequent use with sneakers. This feature makes it extremely robust and durable. More than 6.5' long and more than 4' wide, the Titania is generously sized at 79" x 49" and is 1.25" thick. With the extra thickness, the Titania mat has the ultimate damping properties. The right-angled cut of the Airex Titania allows a seamless laying to large gymnastics surfaces. Because it floats, this mat is ideal for adding challenges to water therapy and invites creative water play. The Titania also features integrated sanitized hygiene protection, so odors are eliminated, and the growth of fungus, bacteria and mildew is inhibited. Rinsing with fresh, soapy water is all that's needed. Shake off the excess water and allow to air dry. Damp mats shouldn't be stored in lockers or confined spaces. Latex-free, this mat is Water Blue in color. Safe in unexpected ways, as the ends will remain flat and not curl over time, preventing tripping. 

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